I took a longer break than I had originally planned, but a much-needed break, but I am getting back in the swing of things. Today I am sharing something new for me, but probably not for you. I have seen many blogs doing weekly or monthly menus, and I have been going to start this. Last fall I was going to start one, but just couldn’t seem to get into doing it, but, I sat down yesterday and made a menu out. Mind you this is fairly new to me, I used to do a menu years ago, but that was easy because it was before I learned about real food vs. processed food and used a lot of packaged stuff. So, this past year I have been learning about real food and how to eat for better health, and am still learning. But, anyhow, I made a menu for the month, because I shop for the month. I think the hardest part was breakfasts and lunches, I have been doing really bad at eating the right stuff for those, even skipping lunch most of the time, so this is the main reason I decided I better start planning a menu, so my menu includes all 3 meals. This is how it turned out, and if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I am posting the menu and later I will add the recipes for some when I get a chance.

I used a 4 week, 4 theme menu idea for dinners. Here are the themes first:  (I just put down the basics, veggies and sides are added after I decide what they are!)

Monday thru Saturday (Sundays we are not home, we eat at my moms, except for breakfasts)

week 1,    Eat out, beef, fish, casserole, pizza, beef

week 2,   chicken, fish, crock pot, italian, stir fry, casserole

week 3,   comfort, noodles, fish, pizza, beef, stew

week 4,   chicken, italian, soup & Sandwich, beef, fish, casserole

Okay, so here is my menu:

Week 1

Breakfasts – cold cereal, baked oatmeal, hash brown sausage casserole, cold cereal, omelet with blueberry muffin, cinnamon pancakes with eggs and sausage.

Lunches – skipits! (making menu!), BLT’s, Pea soup, PB&J sandwiches, tossed salad, carrots and celery sticks

Dinners – Out shopping, Burgers, Fish, Goulash, Pizza, Meatloaf

Week 2

Breakfasts – cold cereal, baked oatmeal, cold cereal, pancakes with eggs and turkey sausage, Eggs and coffee cake, hot cereal, omelet with veggies and toast

Lunches – carrots and celery sticks, hotdogs, toasted cheese, beef barley soup, BLT’s, tossed salad

Dinners – Chicken & gravy over rice, fish, crock pot roast, spaghetti, Beef sausage with peppers and onions stir fry over rice, chicken pot pie

Week 3

Breakfasts – cold cereal, omelet with veggies and toast, Blueberry pancakes with eggs and bacon, cold cereal, baked oatmeal, Eggs with ham and apple struesel muffin, hot cereal

Lunches – hot dogs, carrots and celery, tossed salad, tuna sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, toasted cheese

Dinners – Macaroni and Cheese, Swedish meatballs over egg noodles, fish, pizza, bacon cheese burgers, stew

Week 4

Breakfasts – cold cereal, hot cereal, omelet with veggies and toast, pumpkin pancakes with eggs and sausage, cold cereal, baked oatmeal, french toast and eggs

Lunches – hot dogs, egg salad sandwiches, carrots and celery, tossed salad, PB&J sandwiches, tomato soup

Dinners – Baked chicken, lasagna, ?soup and sand?, burgers, fish, cheesy chicken casserole

My hotdogs are beef and nitrate free, the bacon is uncured and nitrate free, sausage is turkey sausage, beef is no antibiotics and hormone free, eggs are as well, ham is uncured and nitrate free, soups are homemade, bread. pancakes, muffins, pizza dough are homemade, cheese is real-not junk, fish is wild caught frozen-not farmed, and the peanut butter is organic.

I would welcome any ideas!!! Please let me know in the comments how you do your menu planning!!



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  2. Hi Correna! Good for you for starting the year out with meal planning and eating right. It can be extremely hard to do when life get’s busy and success only comes when you take the time to plan and prepare. My husband and I spent all of September and October eating clean (no sugar or processed foods). I have to say I never felt better and want to get back to it. We took a lot of recipes from Clean Eating Magazine. They have a website with tons of great recipes so give it a Google and check it out. Good luck! Tracy:)


    • Correna says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by. You are an encouragement to me, because I am hoping to feel better. I quit processed foods for the most part, at least the obvious ones this past summer, but right now I need desperately to cut out the sugar. I will check out the magazine website, thanks very much. Have a great day, oh, and I love your new project with the rose, it is beautiful.!! Take care.


  3. Correna, these meals sound GREAT!! Glad you are back.


    • Correna says:

      Thanks,I am trying to cut out sugar where i can. I hope I am ready for this new year, its taking me a little longer to get back into the swing, but the new year will march on whether I am ready or not, so I might as well try!! Thanks for your comment!!


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