Click on the picture above to see what kind of challenges they have and see if you want to join them!

A few rules

You may enter with up to three different entries for each challenge and each entry needs to be on a new post on your blog.  Only enter newly created projects please and link only to that post not to the whole of your blog. Also you should include a link to Out of a Hat Creations in your post.
The new challenges will be posted every Thursday morning so you make sure have your entry in by Wednesday evening for us to review it.
Your challenges may be combined with as many other challenges as you wish! Please make sure you have read our challenge and that your entry follows the theme. Art is certainly subject to interpretation and we would love to see your ideas.
If you have word verification turned on it would be nice if you removed it so that it is easier to leave a comment on your blog. If your blog is not in English please add a translator tool to your blog so we can understand what you have written in your post.
Using the linky tool at the end of the challenge posts, add link to just the post you are entering for the challenge and not to the whole of your blog.
Please note that by submitting your projects to our challenges you are giving the Out of a Hat Creations Blog your permission to link to and display your projects on this blog

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