The Inkspirational blog is a weekly challenge blog:

Play Along

Challenge Rules

Please follow these rules in order to be eligible for any prizes or honors:
1. When linking to a challenge, link to your POST, not your entire blog.
2. Feel free to enter other challenges, but please keep it to 10 total (ours and 9 others).
3. You may enter each challenge as many times as you wish. You may enter any type of project you wish.
4. You must link back to the challenge post in your entry post and include the challenge prompt or picture as well so that we can find your post more easily.
5. In order to be considered for the monthly prize, you MUST participate in all of the challenges for that month.  You must also make sure to follow these rules in each challenge here at Inkspirational that you enter.
6. Do not expect a comment if you have Word Verification turned on. We do our best to comment, but it takes quite a bit of time to figure out what in the world you’re supposed to type when Word Verification is used. Please opt for comment moderation as a most wonderful alternative!
7. When participating in a color challenge, you may use any neutrals (white, vanilla, black, brown, kraft, gray) you wish in addition to the other colors unless a neutral is specified.  For example, if black is specified you may not use brown.  If vanilla is specified you may not use white.  Hopefully this makes sense.
8. When participating in a photo or CASE challenge, please mention in your post what you were inspired by.
9. When participating in a sketch challenge you may rotate the sketch and/or use different shapes as you please as long as the original sketch comes through to us.
10. Have fun!!!

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