I was intimidated by making jam, till I tried it and it really is easy. Here’s the recipe I used to make Blueberry and Strawberry Jams:

Blueberry Jam

4 cups prepared blueberries (1 1/2 quart fully ripe)
1 box of sure jell pectin
1/2 tsp butter
4 cups sugar, measured into separate bowl
Stem and crush blueberries with potato masher
Measure exactly 4 cups prepared fruit into 6-8 quart saucepan. Stir pectin into fruit in saucepan. Add butter to reduce foaming. Bring mixture to full rolling boil, stirring constantly. Stir in sugar. Return to full boil, and boil exactly 1 minute stirring constantly. Remove from heat and skim off any foam with metal spoon. ( I did this and I didn’t have any foam to remove!)
Ladle immediately into prepared jars. fill to 1/4 inch of top
Process 10 minutes in water bath
Note: a full rolling boil is when it is still boiling while you are stirring
Strawberry Jam
5 cups prepared fruit (2 quarts fully ripe)
1 box sure jell pectin
1/2 tsp butter
7 cups sugar
Instructions are the same as blueberry jam above
I realize I am not putting canning directions itself on these posts, but I figure if your canning you already know them, so I am just putting the recipes I am using to can things. More to come!

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  1. Hi Corena! I’ve been enjoying your canning posts. I love the idea of canning but have never tried anything other than jam. Maybe I’ll give it a go. Hope all is well with you! Tracy:)


    • Correna says:

      Hello, It’s so nice to hear from you, I have missed everybody. I am glad you are still on and thanks for the comment. It’s been a long year, but things are looking up. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.


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