I live in the country and really enjoy that. I am a Sunday School teacher in my church: Faith Baptist Church. My hobbies are card making, photography, gardening, cooking, and a few others. I love my husband Scott dearly. I have 2 1/2 cats whose names are Smidgeon and Granny and Idget who is never home, I call him my traveling salesman and I have a dog named Zeek. I like to go for rides and walks. Jesus is my Savior and I trust in Him for guidance.


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  1. Shape Your Life says:

    Hey! you’ve got an award! check my blog 🙂


  2. Hi Correna, hope you are doing well! Just wanted to let you know I posted the sermon I preached this past Sunday. God bless!


  3. Teresa says:

    I’ve recently switched my food blog over to be self-hosted which I hope will make it more user-friendly in the future. As a result, if you were following Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen via email, WordPress, or using RSS feeds through Google Reader or some other way, you are no longer subscribed. If you wish to continue receiving future posts from my blog you will need to re-subscribe. Sorry for the inconvenience, Teresa.


  4. Athina says:

    Hey Correna. I’m dropping in again to say I’ve nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger award. http://kickingbackthepebbles.wordpress.com/2013/02/21/more-love-coming-my-way/ As always feel free to not participate if you do not wish to 🙂 Take care!


  5. Athina says:

    Hey Correna! I’ve nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.
    Feel free to not participate if you do not wish to or if you’ve been nominated before!
    Take care, Athina 🙂


  6. Teresa says:

    Hey, Correna, Congratulations! I’ve nominated your blog for the Blog of the Year Award 2012. If you are interested in participating you can access your badge icon and rules at http://cantstayoutofthekitchen.com/2012/12/22/blog-of-the-year-2012-award-2nd-star/. I hope you will participate! Teresa


  7. Teresa says:

    Hey, Correna, I have nominated your blog for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. If you are interested in participating you can pick up your badge and the rules for this award here: http://cantstayoutofthekitchen.com/2012/12/06/wonderful-team-member-readership-award/


  8. Christine says:

    You sound a bit like me. Two years ago a stray 5-month-old cat turned up at a neighbor’s and we took him in. He’s very Siamese in shape & habit, but all black so we named him Angus. Two weeks ago when I called Angus to come in one evening, here was another cat right behind him, a flame point Siamese.
    We’ve since taken it to the vet & had it neutered & all shots — with thoughts of giving him away to a good home of course. We also have an older black cat we adopted as a kitten from Street Cat Rescue; we call her Panda because she’s such a huge fur-ball, a Maine Coon cat, we think.


    • Correna says:

      Thanks for stopping by, I checked out your blog as well and am now following it. It is a great place to visit and hang out. You have some very nice posts. We love our cats too. My sister in law has 2 maine coon cats, very large about 30 or so pounds, beautiful and lovable. God bless you.


  9. cindy knoke says:

    Idget? Like Gidget without the G? Great name!


    • Correna says:

      yep, when we found him, he was hiding under a stone thing, in a snow storm, and the first thing I said was, “oh, he’s just a little idget” and it stuck! We also now have another cat that we adopted, and her name is granny, because she loves rocking chairs and doesnt care if they move. We didn’t name her tho, she was my brother in laws and he named her. When we brought her home, sure enough, she headed for the rocker on our porch. I will have to add her pic. Thanks for stopping.


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