Well, today is the day!!! I mentioned before that I wanted to start doing blog reviews at least once if not twice a week, and I decided for now on once a week on Saturdays, till I get into the swing of it. So, today is Saturday and I woke up crabby, yep, sometimes it happens!!! I was reading through my Word Press Reader this morning and wouldn’t you know I found a blog that always cheers me up when I read it. And it did just that this morning. The blog is:

– Morning Story and Dilbert 

best read with a cup of coffee or tea and an occasional kleenex

In order to understand where this blog is coming from it is best to read their “about” page, which explains Dilbert! The author searches the internet for stories that touch the heart. If it tugs at the emotions, then it is Dilbert material. The characteristics of the stories reflect strong Christian Values which is what we really need in this society today!

Here are some of the recent posts that you will enjoy: You will love the cartoon strips on top of most every post.

The Power of a Little Prayer

The Coldest Winter

Sarah’s Vase

And one of my favorites most recent posts: Christian One-Liners

Those are just a few, A blog to definitely check out and enjoy. I am sure they would love the company.


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  1. Wow Correna, You are so interesting! I clicked on your blog from Chemocurls award post. Isn’t she amazing with her upbeat view on life?! She’s a terrific inspiration and I was so excited that you were happy she nominated you too.

    The recipe for the cheesy thing sounds interesting and I can’t wait to try it. Take care and it’s nice to have a mutual friend.


    • Correna says:

      Thanks you are such a dear. I checked out your blog as well and really enjoyed it. I will be following you now. Yes Chemocurls is a wonderful blog and I want to thank you for your reminding me of that as I wanted to do a blog review on an inspiring note and chose hers to do. I hope you like that one too. Thank you for stopping by and for encouraging me as well. Have a great day and hope to hear from you again my friend.


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