I just wanted to share a card I made for my mom, just a card to let her know I care about her. I have never explained directions before so please bear with me.  I got the idea from watching a tutorial from Christina on Cardmaking Magic. She has tons of video tutorials on all kinds of card making. She has a blog called Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls Cardmaking. Check them out, you will like them. Anyways, I was watching this video and since I don’t have the cd’s for the printed out words, I had to figure out how to make them myself and add them to the cardstock I wanted to use.

So this is the front page, closed it spells out MOM, obviously! I also did not have the rings to bind it together, so instead I stapled the pages together and covered them with ribbon. I cut out the letters from white cardstock and then just glued them to the end of each cardstock sheet. You have to line up the letters how you want them and then trim the cards to the length of the last one before stapling it together. The images are pictures I copied off line and cut out and put on with foam tape. I curled the butterfly wings with a pencil, and put the foam tape just in the middle to make it look like it moves.


On the inside I added some embellishments. The pocket with the strips in it is made from a piece of vellum with a ribbon around the 3 sides to hide the glue because it shows through the vellum. I put a tag across the front that says many thanks and the little strips of paper each have a thought of what I am thankful for about my mother on the fronts and backs of each strip.  The rose is cut out from the front of an old card. The little butterfly stamp is an old stampin up stamp that someone gave me a long time ago. I realize my pictures aren’t as clear as they should be, I am still working on learning how to use my newer camera. Anyway, that’s the second page.


The third page has some embellishments, of a tag I made, sticker gems, my moms favorite Bible verse on the left and then I cut out an appropriate sentiment from an old card on the right, with a raised bird sticker I got from some stickers I got at the Yankee Dollar Store.  On the back is where I wrote her a note telling her how much I appreciated her.


I wanted to show you this because I know there are people who want to make cards and don’t realize that they don’t have to have all the fancy stuff, equipment and such to make a card for someone they love. Most of the cards I make are from pieces of this and that. I watch videos and follow many papercraft blogs and get inspiration and instructions and then I adapt to using what I have to try to make my cards. There is a ton of places to learn to make cards. I have quite a few links on my blog on the side where you can link up and learn!!!! I have not been able to afford fancy equipment (hopefully someday, I will be able to get a few things) but in the meantime, I love making cards and do it with what I can get. I like to go to places that have single sheets of scrapbook paper on sale and pick up a few here and there, like the piece I used on the second page with the roses. Cardmaking doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. The dollar stores always have tons of stickers and if you pick up something here and there like a stamp, or ink, or little bits and pieces and don’t throw away scraps of papers, you can make cards. I started out making Christmas cards a few years ago (2009, out of need and no income, with construction paper and stickers that my mom gave me. As these last couple years have gone by, I have purchased items when I could, and have built my supplies up some, but not on equipment I can’t afford, mostly papers, glue, stickers and bits and pieces. I get plain cardstock from Wal-mart when I can. I have been given a few gifts which have been incredible and I love them, and that adds to my supplies. My husband bought me this past fall a scoreboard, it was on sale, and I was so pleased. I see all the crafters online use them and really wanted one, I folded everything by hand with a ruler and it was like receiving gold, it is a wonderful tool. The other tool he bought me last year was a paper trimmer and that’s a wonderful tool, but other than that I cut out everything by hand with scissors and sometimes an exacto knife. From what I hear with all the gadgets that die cut everything for you, what I do, is called fussy cutting!! Funny name since that’s how I cut most everything for my cards. But, those are the only 2 pieces of equipment I have. I now have 3 punches, thanks to a friend online who sent 2 of them to me and I bought a corner punch at Wal-Mart a few months back. It takes time to build up supplies like many crafters have, but you can still make beautiful cards, if you want to. I don’t think my cards are beautiful by any means, but some people that I make them for like them, so I will keep making them and learning new things about them. Anyway, I just thought I would share a little about it to hopefully encourage someone out there. Do you make cards? How did you start out? I would be interested to know how some of you papercrafters started out in making cards or whatnot!! Please let me hear from you! Have a great day.


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  1. That is just GORGEOUS!!! I used to love doing things like this when my children were little. I am not creative so I’d pray and ask the Lord. As the years have gone by and my children got older, I pretty much stopped. But I really love seeing other’s creations!! Beautiful.


    • Correna says:

      Oh, thank you so much. I love making cards! I am sure you are creative in your own way, Everyone has their creativity in a special way that only comes from within, God blesses all of us in something. You are a very creative writer and have blessed me greatly!!! and I love the JOY!! so cool. I bet you can make stuff too thats beautiful. Love talking to you, thank you friend!!!


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