I won!!! I am so excited!!! Yeah!!!!!

contadina k

The winner of my blog giveaway is…..


Woo hoo!  So happy for you, Correna.  Thank you for your subscribership and your support of my work – I really really appreciate all your comments and encouragement!   Yay! Please message me your address – you can message me through my facebook page  which is linked on the right sidebar of the blog.

So… while last week was seriously blog heavy, this week, I have had a nice chance to give my visiting mom all of my attention.  Look what she learned how to do!


She learned about stamping, heat embossing, how to use the tape runner and the scoring tool.  And the accompanying look of wonder was priceless.  Today we knit like a mutha while chatting and watching Korean TV haha!  I will be back soon, y’all, with more goodies to share to inspire your holiday crafting.

And,… don’t forget to…

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About Correna

I live in the country and really enjoy that. I am a Sunday School teacher in my church: Faith Baptist Church. My hobbies are card making, photography, gardening, cooking, and a few others. I love my husband Scott dearly. I have a cat named Idget and a dog named Zeek. I like to go for rides and walks. Jesus is my Savior and I trust in Him for guidance.

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  1. Yippee!! Winning a giveaway is so much fun!! Congrats, sweetie!


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