This is a wonderful and simple way to make someones day better, including your own. Please check it out and comment on her post if you wish.

Good Deeds Are Easy

In the comments concerning “Just a simple Thank You,” michelleatplay and Bren both point out that saying “I’m sorry” is a comparable good deed.

What an excellent observation!

It occurs to me that “I’m sorry” like “Thank you” is a public admission of humility. It is a bow to the person addressed.

In the case of “I’m sorry,” the acknowledgement that one did a wrong thing can be very difficult. The expression of remorse deepens the bow.

Not saying “I’m sorry” has a tendency to sour human relationships. Feelings of resentment and hurt grow on one side, and guilt and stubbornness on the other. Which is unfortunate. Because the majority of wrongs in life are small things that are magnified unnecessarily.

The lives of people shouldn’t be so clouded by hurt.

Saying “I’m sorry” often seems to work like magic. Hurt feelings vanish in a flash. Relief and compassion rush…

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I live in the country and really enjoy that. I am a Sunday School teacher in my church: Faith Baptist Church. My hobbies are card making, photography, gardening, cooking, and a few others. I love my husband Scott dearly. I have a cat named Idget and a dog named Zeek. I like to go for rides and walks. Jesus is my Savior and I trust in Him for guidance.

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