Two days today! That means two thanks today too! I thank God for safe traveling and for warm houses! We go every weekend to church about 40 to 45 minutes away from here, and every now and then we stay over night. My mom lives there so we stay with her. I am thankful that God keeps us safe as we travel back and forth. As the days are getting more and more chilly I am thankful that we have a warm house and that the heat works in our jeep! I think of the many lives that don’t have the basics and I am thankful today for what we take for granted, the little things, like heat!! and safety!!!

When I came home last night I went right to bed as I was so tired but I got up this morning to check my emails and found I had won a give away for coconut oil!  from Two Saucy Sisters. They have a really neat blog, check them out, I am sure you will like them. They give a lot of great ideas on recipes, and lots of them, they create themselves! I am so excited because 1. I have never won anything before and 2. I have been wanting to try the coconut oil, but wasn’t sure which brand to buy and it seems quite expensive in our area. So this is so cool! I have so many things to do before Thanksgiving and walking into my messy house last night made me realize I need to get moving on my projects for the holidays!! What projects are you working on for the holidays??!


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  1. Correna says:

    You are most welcome! Anytime, your blog is great!!


  2. Thanks Correna! We appreciate the shout-out! 🙂


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