Today I am thankful for the encouragement of others. I need encouragement, I think everyone does, just to know someone is thinking about you, or praying for you, or cheering you on. Life is filled with so many concerns and things that have to be done, and we can’t always do things by ourselves. It is always a blessing to me when someone just says a kind word, or tells me they praying for me or says “you can do it’! I came across a blog the other day called Good Deeds Are Easy and it got me thinking about how encouraging doing something nice for someone can be. I have been encouraged many times and have overlooked it, not on purpose, just so busy I didn’t notice right away. I need to stop and thank those who encourage me, after all they took the time out to do so, and I should take the time to do likewise. So to all who have taken the time to encourage me, THANKYOU!!! If you go to the Good Deeds Are Easy blog, you can find lots of ideas on how to make someones day better, check it out, you may find some refreshing new ideas, or reminders of stuff you have done before and want to do again. I am not sure where she stands with God but she is absolutely right on target with how we should treat others. Great ideas there.

Well, today I am off to Warrensburg for the night. Our ladies meeting at church for filling the children’s Christmas boxes is tonight and my brownies turned out awesome (maybe I should just say great, only God is awesome!), but it is a great recipe anyway. My cake turned out good for the going away time for our church pianist and the cookies turned out really good too for children’s church, but I still can’t find where I got the recipe so I havent put it up yet, but I promise when I find it, I will post it, cause they are really good and really easy! I wont be able to post tomorrow but I will be back on Monday. Have a great weekend my blogger friends. Whats on your weekend plans?




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  1. Correna, you are such a dear! I pray your week-end is absolutely blessed and delightful! I praise the Lord for our new friendship, your sweet and tender heart and your encouraging blog!


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