Today I am so thankful for my very understanding husband, Scott. He is a major blessing to me. When I have trouble with flashbacks, and other emotional issues, he is always right there to listen and support me. He is never critical and never looks the other way, he just encourages me in all things. God has given me a whole new life and new start with a man who loves the Lord and is so supportive of me. So thank you God for my very loving and caring husband, I love him very much.

Well, today is baking day!! I am baking a farewell cake for our piano player at church, who is moving away next week. We are having a family night Sunday night and refreshments after to wish him well. I am also baking a batch of brownies for our ladies group at church for tomorrow night while we box up the children’s boxes for the Christmas Child project. The brownie recipe I am using is here. I will then make cookies for my children’s church group on Sunday. I am making Chocolate WOW cookies and for the life of me I cannot find where I got the recipe from, If anyone has seen it recently on a blog, please let me know, and as soon as I find the one I copied I will post it in my recipes and give credit to the right person. I saw it on one of the blogs I follow, but forgot to write it down. Have a great day!


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