Today I am thankful for the peace of knowing that God hears our faintest cries and is always with us. No matter what comes our way, whether it be physical pain, emotional heartache, loss of someone we love, financial struggles, valleys, just difficulties with life even, happiness, laughter, good times, mountains, success, we can know that God sees all, hears us when we are sad or happy and knows what we need before we even ask. But ask, we do because He does want to hear from us. So today I am thankful that I can talk to God anytime and He will hear me and answer me.

Heather over the The Welcoming House has started a month of thankfulness as well, and it would be great to check her blog out too. She has a really nice blog and lots of things to enjoy, she is a good writer and has good insight. So take a minute and see what she has written today!

Well from here on out through the holidays we will all be busy, busy, busy. Planning Thanksgiving meals, finishing putting up all those wonderful fall goodies we get from gardens and farmers stands and what not, making Christmas cards, making Christmas gifts, planning Christmas parties. This weekend the ladies in our church are putting together our Christmas Child gift boxes to be sent out, we are having a family night on Sunday at our church, we also have a harvest supper coming up the Sunday before Thanksgiving, we have Christmas Sunday School programs to develop, along with everyday stuff…cooking, cleaning, decorating for the holidays, and if when it snows, we will have those chores too. I am sure I have not covered all the busy stuff we will all do, but you get the idea. So, bring it on holiday season, we are ready (hopefully) for you!!!!   What’s on your busy schedule?


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