Snake Rock

Well, I am thankful today for God’s provisions in our life through family. We have needed our back room roof fixed because of leaks, and last night God provided the money to get the supplies we need to fix it before winter sets in. My husbands parents offered to buy the supplies, praise God for them. So, we will be busy getting that taken care of.
Okay, I got my 4 pie pumkins baked and pureed, and strained and bagged for the freezer!!! Making my own pumkin puree is saving us lots of money as well. I paid $5.00 for 4 pie pumkins at the Farmers Market, and in Hannaford Grocery Store it is $2.89 per can of 15oz Farmers Market Organic canned pumkin, so I made equivelant to 6 cans which to buy in the store would have been $17.34. I saved $12.34 doing it myself, and got pumkin juice for soups besides!!! I am happy whenever I can save money like that. Saving pumkins is something I have never done before but with the help of another bloggers post:   I was able to get it done fairly easy. I had bought 4 pie pumkins at a farmers market, and after all is said and done, I was able to store 6 – 15oz pkgs of pumkin and 2 – 2cup pkgs of pumkin juice to use in soups and whatnot…  Local Kitchen is a great blog, she has lots of recipes, how to’s complete with pictures and easy to understand. Click on her link and you will be glad you did! You can click on the link in the post or on my side bar on my home page in blogs I follow. Don’t forget to be thankful for something and have a great day today!!!


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  1. HOORAY!! I love when God gives us these little ‘love gifts’. And I really love pumpkins made from homemade puree!! Enjoy!


    • Correna says:

      Thankyou, I love it too. I am new at the pumkin saving, and did it like I was told and have 15 oz per package, maybe you would know, does that match the same as a can for pie?


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