I am joining Kate over at “Teaching what is good”  (http://teachingwhatisgood.com/) for 25 days of giving thanks. For the next 25 days or so till Thanksgiving we are counting down to Thanksgiving by “giving thanks” for something everyday. Please join us if you wish.  You can click on the link in this post or her button on my side bar to see her posts. She has a great site. Anyway, I am starting today with my posts as I may have to skip a couple days. If you would like to join us, that would be so great. If you dont have your own blog or want to just comment your giving thanks posts, you can comment here on mine or over at Kate’s blog, or both if you so choose. You can copy this picture for your blog, or do it in your heart, anyway you decide will be fine. Giving thanks is so uplifting and will be a blessing to your heart and soul. God has done so much for us, and so many of the little things we take for granted are really provided to us by God.

I want to start my giving thanks post with thanking God for his protection. This post could not have come at a better time. Yesterday my husband Scott had to go somewhere in his truck, but when he returned and as he was parking his truck, the brake line broke!!! He was safe at home when it happened and I am so thankful for that. Only God knows what would have happened if he was still out driving. My husband is such a wonderful man and I don’t know what I would do without him. So I am thankful to God for not only his protection of my husband, but for my husband as well.

Okay, that was a big one for me! Don’t know what each day will bring but I am sure we can find something to be thankful for every day. You never know, we may just keep going after Thanksgiving with thanking God everyday, of course if we don’t blog it we will be thankful to God in our hearts. So, have a great day today!!!!! God bless you all!



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  1. Wow! Praise the Lord FOR SURE!! What a mighty picture of His protection He gave to your family today! Thanks for sharing this wonderful encouragement.


  2. Creative Bug On The Loose says:

    Wow!!!! I can see why you would be so thankful!!! Close call ! I always am grateful every morning for at least 3 things although it geneally turns into 10 … love your post today!!!


    • Correna says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Yes, I love my husband and am very thankful for him and his safety. I follow your blog too, and know I am praying for Michael and I am glad you are feeling better. I am glad you are a mom who believes your child is worth every struggle you have to go through for him. God bless you and yours! Have a great day!


  3. Maxine Call says:

    So true…we have much to be thankful for…God has blessed us greatly….first by giving us His dear Son Jesus, who died for us on the cross, taking our sin upon Him, bearing our punishment, so that if we receive Him as our Saviour and Lord, we can one day go to heaven to live forever….plus, if that were not enough, He has blessed us by allowing us to live in this wonderful country with so many blessings as well as family and friends, who mean so much to us. We could never thank Him enough for these and many more blessings He gives us every day!


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