Hello, I am not real good at this technical stuff on blogging, so it has taken me a few days to do this. I wanted to share all the blogs I follow and also have one place to keep them all in, instead of my email. I got them all on, and will update as I find more that I like. If I am missing yours please let me know and I will “fix” it! The crazy thing to me was, after I got them on I had to go back and edit each one, because I didn’t realized I had to hit the catagory button too, for them to show up, then I had to figure out where to change how many showed up, because they weren’t all showing up like I wanted. Oh, bother! Anyway, I encourage you to check some of them out. I really enjoy this blogging world, so much better than facebook, I actually have been too busy reading blogs to even go on facebook. Most of these are food related, homesteading, and there’s a couple cardmaking, and gardening, and I want to add quilting ones as I find them. But, just wanted to share all of these with you, they have been wonderful to read and follow and I have been learning alot. You will find all the blogs on the side bar under blogs I follow and blogs, blogs, and more blogs I follow. Have a great day everybody!!!


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  1. contadinak says:

    thanks for sharing these! i think we have a lot of similar interests and I’m looking forward to checking out these sites!


    • Correna says:

      I am so glad you liked them. It took a lot of time to do but I think it is worth it. Now when I find a new one I like, I just add it then. It also helps me keep track of them here, instead of everything being saved in my email. Come back any time and click away, I will be leaving them on!! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!!!


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