I fianlly got my pictures on for the tomatoes that I canned last week. I didn’t get a lot of tomatoes this year but enough to can 7 jars of diced tomatoes, and 3 jars of salsa. Next year I want to grow a bigger garden and can more things. I am just learning how to do some of this stuff. I am looking for a good thick homemade spaghetti sauce, if anyone has one? I would like to make that as well and maybe can that too. Any ideas for me to try? Please let me know. Thanks


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  1. Love seeing people canning goodies from their gardens!! I don’t have a recipe for any sauces, but I say just try some stuff and see what you like (that’s what I usually do). 🙂 Thanks for visiting our site! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts!! Keep the canning posts coming!


    • Correna says:

      I just realized I never replied to this post, I apologize for that. Thank you for commenting. I am making applesauce this week, and pie slices. I enjoy learning new things. Again I apologize. Have a blessed day.


      • No problem! 🙂 I know how hectic life can be and how short on time we get. Looking forward to seeing you post about the pies!! Have a great day!


      • Correna says:

        Thank you. Today I am going to make the pumkin puree, I have 4 pie pumkins and want to make the puree, and freeze it for different recipes. It is neat, cause right now there are a lot of pumkin recipes out here in the blogs. Enjoy your site very much. Thanks again. Have a great day.


  2. andi says:

    Beautiful Tomatoes! The harvest is such a blessing 🙂
    I won’t share my sauce recipe, seeing how I was only able to ruin it… oh my.
    My mama would always cook her tomatoes down with the rest of the garden produce, any veggie that was hanging around got thrown in. Zucchini, squash, eggplant, chard, onions – it sounds odd, but it made the best, thickest sauce EVER. So good…


    • Correna says:

      Again, I just realized I hadn’t replied to this post, I wanted to try to do that, and I just missed these somehow, so I apologize for missing it. By what I read on your blog, it seems like you do a great job on cooking. I enjoy your blog very much, and I appreciate your commenting here. Thank you and again I am sorry for missing it before. Have a great day!


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