WOW, I am amazed as I am just learning about changing my eating lifestyle, how horribly I have eaten for years. I have been recently doing some research and am making many changes. There are so many preservatives and additives in the foods I buy at the grocery store, or I should say did buy, that it’s no wonder so many people are unhealthy. I have diabetes and fibromyalgia, and was never told about how harmful all those preservatives are, until I started doing my own research this year. I am learning alot and changing a lot and its beginning to help in me feeling better. Anyway, it is so worth looking into. I love tacos and was label reading all the soft taco products in the store and went home with none of them, even the healthy ones have so many preservatives in them, I didn’t buy any of them, soooooooooo, I went hunting for a recipe to make my own and found a very easy one. I included it in my recipe section. This is an adventure and a worthwhile one for me as I want to become healthy and eat the way God intended us to. Have a great day.


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