They say that when the first day of summer is here then the rest of the season goes by quickly. I think they are right. I love summer here in the country, with all the green, and flowers and sunshine and fresh air.

The sunsets here are beautiful as well.We have a Phoebe’s nest above our window and she is on her second brood already. The Eastern Phoebe has 2 – 3 broods per summer here. They are fun to watch and so interesting. They mate for life and both parents feed their young. The male is always somewhere in the area keeping an eye on things. (There is a link on the side in which you can click on and learn more about the Phoebe.)

small bird with dark upperparts and pale underparts facing front.                                                                   small bird at moss-covered nest on ledge with babies inside.

Well today is errand running day, so I must go for now, but I will post again and more often, its been a while since I started this blog and haven’t posted anything because I was still learning about how all this blogging actually works. So have a great day!


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